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We deliver world-class consulting services, backed by our highly skilled and experienced team. 

Seismic Processing & Imaging

We have capable people and technology to process seismic data from field tapes to the final seismic images.

Integrated Subsurface Studies

We assist the clients in conducting integrated subsurface studies and reservoir characterization.

Reserve Estimate

We provide probabilistic or deterministic analysis and utilizing numerous tools.

Integrated Production Modeling

Many operators use IPM for field development planning, optimization, production allocation, system debottlenecking, and reserve booking. 

Digital Oil Field

Whether operating in the deepwater or onshore, a rapid and effective DOF deployment improves operational efficiency and maximizes recovery.

Drilling Engineering

We provide a proven and cost-effective real-time drilling optimization to operators from RTOC design to post drilling analytics.

We’re committed 

We provide the highest level of quality engineering, asset evaluation, and modeling

Repeat work from clients, demonstrate the capability of our expert

We promise

A high level of interaction between the client and our experts to meet the objectives of the project.

We tailor

Our services to clients’ needs and have fast turnaround and competitive pricing.

We deliver

Valuable and technically excellent product. We use the best tools and resources to meet the objectives of the project and provide value for the Client

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